The Dangers of Chlorine in your water ¦


"Chlorine   kills the bacteria that cause Typhoid,  Cholera & Dysentery, but the   problem is that Chlorinated drinking  water is directly responsible for more   than 4200 cases of bladder  cancer and 6500 cases of rectal cancer every year   in America   only." Robert D Willix Jr. - 3 minutes a day to a 120 year lifespan.


"Cancer   risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those   whose water does not contain chlorine." U.S. Counsel of Environmental Quality.


"Chlorine has been found to contribute to arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), asthma attacks, nausea and disorientation. Chlorine is a powerful irritant   which also destroys Vitamin E (a natural antioxidant which helps to prevent cancer)." Prof. Harvey Diamond - Fit for Life 2.


"Chlorine is suppose to POISON and KILL germs. It was  used during World War I to kill people - burned up their innards. NOW  WE DRINK IT!! Chlorine combined with animal fats in the diet, results into a sticky, pastel-like substance that causes arteriosclerosis -  heart disease, in plain English, THE BIGGEST KILLER   IN THIS COUNTRY" Prof. Harvey Diamond - Fit for Life 2.


The Dangers of   fluoride in your water ...


"he adding   of this substance to drinking water is a potentially dangerous business. The amount has to be judged very accurately - about one part per million. If the   process goes wrong and two parts are added, it can lead to mottling of the teeth, high bone disorders and cancer!" Health Talk Magazine.


"Other uses   for sodium fluoride include: Rat Poison, cockroach powder, insecticides,   germicides, fumigants etc. The perfect thing to be putting into your drinking   water! According to Dr. Dean Burke, former chief biochemist at the National   Cancer Institute, more than 50 000 Americans a year are dying of cancer   caused by fluoridated drinking water! Fluoride associated cancers are of the   gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, breast and ovaries."  Prof. Harvey Diamond - Fit for life.


Recommendations for drinking pure water ...


What will you have to drink? - Page 81"People   sometimes ask me if it is alright to drink water that is mineral free, such   as distilled and reverse osmosis water. I think it is fine. Water is not the   source of your minerals. You get them from food, especially by eating a   variety of vegetables. There is no truth by the believe that distilled water   leaches minerals out of the body." Andrew Weil - Natural Health   Natural Medicine.

The fault lies in Inorganic Minerals. -   Page 13 "The only   minerals the body can utilize are the organic minerals (from living matter).   All the others are foreign minerals and must be disposed of or eliminated.   Herein lies the problem we have never suspected as the possible cause of   nearly all our ageing diseases." Dr. Allen E. Banik - The Choice is Clear.


Water and Minerals - Page 99-100 "The body can   only use organic minerals. It is psychologically impossible for your body to   use an inorganic mineral. Minerals are only useable as they are found in organic   forms of life such as plants. We are not rock or soil eaters. When you drink   water containing minerals they are inorganic finely ground rocks. They   literally clog up the body and vascular system." Prof. Harvey & Marilyn   Diamond - Living Health.


Water: How Much, How Often? - Page 90 "A question I   am often asked is: 'What about mineral water?' Although bottled water is rich   in minerals, unfortunately these minerals are not present in a form that our   bodies are able to use easily. Unlike the minerals in fresh fruits and   vegetables, those in mineral water are easily deposited in our joints,   muscles and tissues, where they can cause stiffness, gall or kidney stones,   premature ageing of the skin and even cataracts." Mary-Ann Shearer -The Natural Way.


Water and its effects on the human body   - Page 55  "Don't drink   inorganic mineralised water." Paul C. Bragg N. D. PhD. &   Patricia Bragg N. D. PhD. - Water: The shocking truth that can safe your life.


Water and its effects on the human body   - Page 144 "Your   minerals must come from an organic source, from something living or that has   lived. Humans do not have the same chemistry as plants. Only the living plant   has the ability to extract inorganic minerals from the earth and convert them   to organic minerals for your body to absorb and utilise." Paul C. Bragg N. D. PhD. &   Patricia Bragg N. D. PhD. - Water: The shocking truth that can safe your life.


There are minerals and minerals. Leach which? - Page 11 "The minerals   in the natural waters are inactive. They do not contain enzymes, the essence   of life. Nature has made a provision to instil life into these mineral   elements by means of the development of the growth and maturity of plants. In   the course of the plants growth the roots collect minerals from the earth,   convert them into the stem, the leaves, the seeds, and the flower and fruit.   It is natural that the use of fresh, raw vegetable and fruit juices should   furnish the cells and tissues of the body with the finest kind and quality of   nourishment in the form of ultra-microscopic minerals replete with enzymes." N. W. Walker (Doctor of Science) - Water can   undermine your
"Water from the ground comes with minerals   alright, but these minerals are in salt form. A good example is CACO3   (Calcium Carbonate). Common locations for the precipitation of calcium are   the lens of the eye (cataracts), the kidneys (kidney stones) and the walls of   the arteries (arteriosclerosis). Unbound minerals must be excreted, which is   extra work for the kidneys or stored. This makes dust of the argument that   healthy water are mineralised, and dust is of course the source for   mineralised water. Your mineral source should be plants, nor water. The   purpose of water is to cleanse the body. To do the best job of that it should   be free of anything else." Ron Kennedy M.D. -

TDS & Chronic Disease "In his   study, ‘Relationship of Water to the Risk of Dying’, Dr. Sauer chronicled the   relationship of Total Dissolved Solids to heart disease, cancer and other   chronic diseases (Total Dissolved Solids or TDS is the term for all the   elements in any water supply). It had been thought for centuries that the   European mineral waters so high in TDS were beneficial to health. But Dr. Sauer's   study found that as TDS increases in a water supply, so does the number of   chronic diseases in the population using that supply. " Authors Note:At our home in Desert Hot Springs, one of California's renowned hot mineral water   resorts, our water pipes had to be replaced after only a few years due to   mineral build-up in the pipes. What this organic mineral-laced water does to   the plumbing in buildings it also does to human pipes! Paul C. Bragg N. D. PhD. &   Patricia Bragg N. D. PhD. - Water: The shocking truth.

What was Connie Mack's Secret - Page 35 "Connie Mack, manager of the Philadelphia   A's for nearly 30 years, reputedly would nor allow his players to drink hard   water under any circumstances. He would not accept any contract unless he   could furnish his men with distilled water, and on some occasions,   low-mineral mountain water. Distilled water kept his players free from   constipation and in perfect health. Seldom did his pitchers have sore   shoulders due to hard water mineral deposits in their joints. If your   aspiring pitchers consider the big leagues as a career, let them remember   Connie Mack's secret. Connie too kept his perfect health to the age of 90" Dr. Allen E. Banik -The Choice is Clear.
And not a drop to drink - Page 20 "But, and   it's a big but, YOU HAVE TO DRINK IT CLEAN. Many athletes, who are very   careful what food they put in their bodies, are careless about water. They   will drink from public water fountains, from faucets at home and gym, or from   gym coolers filtered only through a cheap carbon filter to make it taste   better." Dr. Michael Colgan - Optimum   Sports Nutrition - Your Competitive Edge.
Buying Clean Water - Page 22 "Why? Because   most bottled water is simply tap water put through minimal conditioning   filters to make it taste better. That is why it's so profitable. Brands   called  - Mineral Waters' you have a modicum of minerals added. And - Sparkling   Mineral Waters', seltzers, and club sodas also have a carbonation added. But   they are just tap water with most of its contaminants still in there. There   is nothing intrinsically wonderful about springs (water) anyway. They are   never pure water." Dr. Michael Colgan - Optimum Sports Nutrition - Your   Competitive Edge.

Clean your own water - Page 25 "f you   relied on water for your minerals, you would be sadly lacking. It is the   growing produce that takes up the water and concentrates its minerals, that   provides most of your mineral requirements" Dr. Michael Colgan - Optimum   Sports Nutrition - Your Competitive Edge.


"Chlorine   kills the bacteria that cause Typhoid,  Cholera & Dysentery, but the   problem is that Chlorinated drinking  water is directly responsible for more   than 4200 cases of bladder  cancer and 6500 cases of rectal cancer every year   in America   only." Robert D Willix Jr.- 3   minutes a day to a 120 year lifespan