OZONE oxidizes and decomposes organic and inorganic contaminants at a higher rate than other reagents. Normally one or more orders of magnitude faster than Chlorine, the most commonly used reagent.

OZONE has a faster sterilization and disinfection rate over 3000 times that of Chlorine in water and it is far safer. That is why OZONE has been used in the Paris water system since 1903 and is currently used by Los Angeles, (1984) and San Diego, (1986). Los Angeles has the world's largest ozone generating system. (LA Aqueduct)

Sterilization and disinfection rates are independent of NH3 and are not affected by pH as is Chlorine. Microorganisms that are normally resistant to Chlorine, requiring hours of contact time, are killed in seconds by ozone.


3g / 5g / 10g Ozone generators built on request