Our quality guarantee 

Our Treatment plant consist of Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation and De Ionisation processes to remove unwanted chemicals and bacteria from water. We purify publicly obtained water and send it through our treatment plant, filtering sediment, chlorine, odors and a very large spectrum of unwanted items.
Ozone is applied in our holding tank and bottling process (even for refills) superbly ensuring quality hygiene standards.

From R45 for 25 litres

Our clients use our water for:

Poultry & Pet vaccines
Lazer cutting
Industrial vaporisers
Organic paint production
Cosmetic production
Car & Truck batteries
PC board manufacturing
Chrome and decorative coating applications
Window Washing

Why is it necessary to use De Ionised Water?
Pure water is essential in different applications like laboratory experiments, cosmetics, electronics manufacturing, food processing, metallurgy, and other industrial processes. Impurities in water may cause interference which may cause undesirable results.
Water contaminated with ions is also more electrically conducive and may not be suitable for some applications.

De Ionised water is also applied in steam ironing to prevent scaling of components inside irons and steam cleaners prevent scaling of components inside irons and steam cleaners.

In Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks, DI water is extremely active. It will pull ions from any surrounding metal, including stainless steel.
DI water has a great capacity for ions; it will pull them from the contaminants that are on metal parts. It is an extremely active cleaner in itself. The use of DI water will greatly improve cleaning results.

What about tap water?
Depending on the Industry and Usage, tap water causes scale build up on metal parts, contamination, faulty parts, and incorrect results.
USING De Ionised WATER is very important not only because of costs to replace ineffective materials and parts but also the downtime of machinery resulting in the loss of production.